The pandemic’s dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and informational needs have pushed content marketing trends and potential to new heights.

As the world as we know it migrated online in droves, a slew of new issues surfaced, and customers turned to the brands they do deal with for solutions.

43 percent of marketers say their content marketing budgets climb in 2021, and 66 percent expect it to rise again in 2022.

Some Marketing Trends to Note

1. The use of interactive content is on the rise.

Customer content experience is improved through engaging material, and what better method to do so than with interactive content?

Several research and polls conducted in recent years have concluded that using interactive content over basic content improves the audience experience by capturing their interest and keeping them on the page for longer.

The adoption of varied engaging content will continue to rise in 2022. Developing interactive content that is appropriate for all stages of the buyer’s journey is also on the rise.

On different social media platforms, polls and engaging quizzes are already popular. These tools are not only entertaining for users, but they also give you valuable information about your future consumers.

While interactive material like this will stay relevant, expect to see additional ways to include interactive content into your marketing approach.
Use it as animations or expanding parts in engaging eBooks, reports, or manuals. Use interactive infographics to repurpose content.

In 2022, interactive content has huge potential for engaging clients, capturing their interest, retaining them on your website longer, influencing brand preference, and ultimately increasing conversion rates.

2. Ongoing Video Promotion

Whenever it concerns popular and productive kinds of content online, video has risen to the top in the last two years. This isn’t going to change in the year 2022.

Rather, the video will become much more significant, and one of the most difficult problems will be to stand out in this lucrative marketing format.
One-fourth of marketers that already use video say it is the content type that gives them the best return on investment.

Why does video have such a stronghold on consumers? When done properly, video builds a stronger connection and more easily attracts the attention of prospective customers.

Video production is becoming far less frightening and easier to implement into a content marketing strategy as the technologies required become more widely available.

3. Work on improving the content experience

It’s no doubt that today’s successful digital marketing tactics rely heavily on user experience.

It’s also no secret that customer preferences shift over time, from the sort of material to the style in which it’s delivered.

Keeping up to date on what your potential customers prefer and require in terms of content is one method to improve the overall customer experience.

Crafting your own distinctive narrative and leveraging it to give consistent, compelling information everywhere you go is also a good idea.

In 2022, content strategies will take on a more unified structure, with each component tied to the whole.

4. Virtual and Live Events in an Integrated Format

The majority of the experiences during the last year have been online, with some requiring real-time participation and others providing recordings.

Consumers are yearning for a good alignment of online and in-person engagement after living in a primarily virtual environment owing to the pandemic.

Businesses are aware of this and are seeking ways to combine virtual and live events to satisfy the needs of their customers.

While brands have shown remarkable adaptability to the virtual world, some real events, such as seminars and conferences, will return in 2022.

Simultaneously, online event hosting innovations such as webinars and live-streaming social media will keep evolving.

While some marketers plan to cut their virtual event expenses in 2022, it does not appear likely or practical for them to quit them entirely.

5. Using Infographics to Continue to Enhance Visual Content

An effective technique is to use a variety of content kinds across marketing channels.

While blog postings continue to be the most effective at generating customers, text alone is no longer sufficient.

The trend of providing more visual material in 2021 will last far into 2022, further improving the user experience.

Because the human brain analyzes images quickly, well-designed visual content can improve interaction and help customers go faster through the buyer’s journey.

Infographics, in particular, are one type of visual information that will continue to grow in popularity and appeal to customers.

These visual representations of important data, information, or knowledge are frequently the preferred method of conveying information in less time.

When done correctly, infographics are jam-packed with helpful information. A consumer may engage, gather information, and immediately comprehend what you’re presenting by simply looking at an infographic. This is particularly true for visually-oriented customers.

You may improve the content and communication while also creating an appealing customer experience by creating aesthetically appealing and informative content.

6. Increasing Audio Content

While text and video have long dominated marketing, audio has risen to prominence in recent years as a result of inventive podcasts that are accessible live or on-demand.

Podcasts are not new, but they will keep growing through 2022 and beyond. Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity as a way to deliver content while listeners are engaged in other tasks like commuting or exercising.

In addition, more sponsored audio material is expected to arrive on the scene in 2022, attracting audiences.

In the summer of 2021, one of the first of them occurred. The clubhouse was an invite-only audio chatroom program that surprised the marketing world and opened up new ways to reach clients.

7. Visual/Image Search

Visual search capabilities appeared on numerous platforms and apps in 2021, allowing people to search using only an image.

Consider Pinterest, Amazon, and Google, which already provide users with visual recognition technologies.
Visual search has evolved into a strategy for focusing a marketing content strategy on employing visuals to promote product searches by customers online.

Algorithms are programmed to start with an image on the internet and then produce possibilities for purchasing that product or something similar.

Consumers may not know exactly what an item is called but want to learn more about it, or they may be seeking a place to buy the subject of a photograph.

Include Pinterest advertisements and build image search functionality into your website content and product pages to integrate visual search into your own SEO and content marketing plan.

Staying aware of the potential of upgraded, new, and progressively distinctive content marketing trends in 2022 can make a tremendous impact on how you reach your present and prospective customers.

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