Customers are constantly looking for quick fixes. Users do not want to waste hours inquiring, and with COVID altering customer behavior, they want everything to be addressed online.
Try integrating a few digital strategies and technologies in 2021 that let your customers easily connect with your sales representatives on their own terms.

These are some examples of tools to remember:

1. Appointment and scheduling software: Use appointment scheduling software such as Calendly to automatically and properly arrange meetings with leads on the go.

2. Chatbots: Chatbots enable website users to engage in live online support conversations with company representatives. Businesses may use a live online chatbot like Drift to give assistance, ask relevant lead questions, and even convert leads. Prospecting through video:

Use video prospecting to differentiate yourself from the competition and to personalize the marketing strategy by attaching a face to the brand. Personalize your message and include a call to action for them to set up a meeting with you.

3. Online transactions and e-signature tools: Use online transactions and e-signature technologies such as DocuSign to give an easy and quick response on purchases.

4. Pre-recorded demonstrations: You may save time throughout the sales process by pre-recording your product demos. You’ll deliver an excellent user experience by allowing viewers to stop, pause, and replay the demo whenever it’s comfortable for them. 

You can also check out these ones:

  • Mixmax: A meeting scheduling tool for Gmail that also has email tracking features.
  • LeadSquared: A sales CRM and lead conversion software used by banks, real estate, education, telemarketing, and other sectors.
  • WordStream: It is software that improves your online marketing efforts. You can create and run campaigns across several platforms, for example, Google Ads and Bing to convert more visits into leads.

Note that most of these tools are paid tools. Some offer a free trial which you can use before making the decision to pay for it.

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