Businesses today rely on digital marketing tools to remain competitive. Consider, however, that a powerful tech stack fosters growth and guarantees that you are not wasting your important time on time-consuming activities.

On the other hand, failing to use advanced marketing tools may cause your business to fall behind its competitors. Technological developments and solutions are assisting businesses in improving and optimizing their processes. There is no limited number of tools available to help you with your marketing task lists.

If you haven’t already, try implementing the following digital marketing tools and platforms in 2021:

1. Conversion Optimization Tools: When it comes to encouraging customers to convert on-site, even the tiniest tweaks may make a significant effect.

Simply modifying the color of your call-to-action button might be the difference between a free trial sign-up and someone bouncing. Conversion optimization software, one of the digital marketing tools in your toolkit, may alert you to lesser fruit possibilities to boost your revenue.

Check out:

  • Hotjar (Hotjar’s technology keeps a unique view of your visitors’ actions and behaviors on-site in real-time).
  • Optimizely (it combines visual design and audience targeting capabilities to allow you to easily conduct tests on different groups of your audience).
  • Unbounce (a fantastic tool for quickly creating, modifying, and releasing new landing pages for testing).

2. Email Marketing Tools: Email is certainly the most tried-and-true, efficient marketing medium accessible to today’s businesses. As a result, email platforms are an essential component of Internet marketing tools for both large and small businesses.

Check out:

  • Moosend (The platform includes codeless campaigns, easy automation, and simple reporting).

3. Graphic Creation Tools: Graphics such as infographics, memes, graphs, and so on. Graphics are the core of social marketing and branding in general. If you don’t have the funds for a graphic designer or you operate a do-it-yourself business, digital marketing tools like Canva have become popular for creating eye-catching images.

Check out:

4. Social Media Marketing Tools: These tools allow you to manage your social media platforms in one place.

Check out:

  • Sprout Social (This enables you to post and schedule your content throughout numerous platforms all perfectly timed to coincide with when your customers are most engaged).

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools: Since the virtual world grows more competitive, everything businesses can do to improve their search visibility is an advantage, as search inquiries account for more than half of all website traffic.

Though SEO may be intimidating, especially for new businesses, there are a plethora of online marketing tools available to assist you in identifying search possibilities and optimizing your current search engine efforts.

Check out:

  • SEMrush:  It allows you to watch the position of your most important keywords as well as discover new phrases to rank for.




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