As digital marketing advances, customers will continue to be shown advertising and content that are relevant to their search. In 2021, this will include using artificial intelligence (AI) and customization into everything you do to fully comprehend user intent. Use automation, voice search optimization, video advertisements, and alternative platforms like Adnaira, Amazon, Quora, and LinkedIn to develop micro-targeted campaigns for PPC.

Position your business up for success by utilizing search intent optimization. You’ll improve organic search results, quality leads to your website, establish your business as an authority, and increase brand awareness with it. Besides, Google wants its users to obtain accurate and up-to-date information.

Search intent optimization is the process of providing the correct answer to your audience while they are looking for it. Pay attention to the four types of search intents: informative, commercial, transactional, and local.

Ensure you verify or update your free Google My Business (GMB) page regularly. Check that your location, phone number, website, and business hours are correct. Furthermore, examine other directories where your business is listed and modify the content to guarantee consistency throughout Google’s local search environment. Try including a Google Maps indicator on your home page to assist in converting local prospects into consumers.

Video marketing has grown in popularity in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. Integrate it in your content marketing and use video to boost your SEO. The future PPC trend will be video advertisements. Video not only allows you to create an identity for your brand and business, but it also drives traffic to your website, keeps visitors interested for longer periods of time, and pushes prospective clients to progress down the sales funnel.

Google and other search engines are scanning for content that fascinates users, and nothing engages them more than video. Try inserting videos on your FAQ page or integrating a paid ad into your marketing campaign with a few-second pre-roll YouTube video that focuses on your audience based on region or keywords.


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