Just as it is important to get a physical location for your business, so is getting an online presence. In fact, you can successfully start your business online without having a physical location. That is how powerful the internet is.

The aim of every business is to make profits and so one must do all it takes to achieve that. Many factors can be responsible for not getting the maximum online exposure needed for your business. It could be that you are not prepared or you do not have the luxury of time to manage all the online activities, it might also mean not getting the right hosting plan for your business.

I have come with a good news for you! Yes! Adnaira has done it again. The aim of Adnaira is to make business easy for customers and so, it is up and doing to ensure that. This time, Adnaira has partnered with Trophy Host to give you the best.

Trophyhost offers superior, reliable and affordable Web Hosting to individuals and small businesses. Founded in 2018, Trophyhost is quickly growing to become a leader in Performance Web Hosting.

What this partnership entails is that once you buy a hosting plan on Trophy Host, you get up to ₦5,000 advertising credit on Adnaira. The process is automatic, no stress.

1. Go to www.trophyhost.com to buy any hosting plan of your choice.

2. Goto “Coupons & Credits” menu in your Adnaira advertiser account to redeem the free advertising credits.


Ensure you do not miss out on this opportunity. I look forward to hearing your business success story.

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