If you are getting confused about the campaign categories on Adnaira, then read this post till the end because I will take my time to simply every bit of it.

Take a look at the above image, you will see three campaign categories. I will explain each of them in detail.

1. Awareness: If you want to reach out to your target audience, then this category is for you. By reaching out, I mean making your business known to the public. For instance, you newly created a website for your business and you want to spread the news, or you want people to see your business address and phone number on your ad banner (to visit your location or call you), and if you need your audience to be redirected to your website or Instagram business page or WhatsApp page, you need awareness. Once you click on ‘proceed’ under awareness, you will have to make a decision for your desired ad format (where you get to choose banner type; leaderboard ad, rectangle ad, and interstitial ad). Awareness is further divided into two:

  • Impression: An Impression is a term that refers to the point in which your ad is viewed once by a visitor on a web page. You will only get charged for an impression.
  • Click: Click is an action that’s counted when someone interacts with your ad (for example, clicks to your ad). You will only get charged once there’s a click on your ad banner.

2. Conversion: If you want to get results from your ad campaign, then opt for this category. Choose conversion option if what you desire is more than awareness. For instance, if you want signups for your newsletter or you want any other option done right on your website. With this conversion, you will be charged as soon as a conversion is recorded. It is possible because you will have to paste a tracking code on your website where conversion will happen for this to be successful. Conversion is of two types:

  • Multi-tracking: Your user will interact with your target platform on multiple pages, (example: the user only completes your action while reaching your success page).
  • Single-tracking: Your user will interact with your target platform on the same page, (example: both your landing and success are on the same page).

3. Sales: If you want to increase sales, this category is for you. This category is not available at the moment but it will be soon. You can sign up for our newsletter so you can be updated once it is launched.

I hope you will get familiar with these categories and also use them for different results as you so desire.

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