Do you know the good thing about staying at home this period? If I ask different people this question, I am assured of getting different answers. As for me, what I will say is that it is having the luxury of time to do everything you have been shoving aside for a very long time.

Time to rest, study, work on those amazing ideas you’ve had in time past, time to develop your website/blog, and many more. Speaking on the latter, I have some tips for you.

Quality content cannot be overemphasized! It is the soul of your website/blog. Some weeks ago, I announced the partnership between and to give you free mobile for your website/blog.

The aim was to ensure that nothing stops you from having multiple streams of income. There is the need to have a mobile app for your blog because most online users access the internet with their mobile devices and also because it is easier and can be used anywhere.

Imagine monetizing both your website/blog and mobile app! There is no limit to what you can achieve.  Click on this link to learn more about the mobile app.

Remember to stay safe always. Maintain a very good personal hygiene by practicing hand washing frequently and use hand sanitizers when there is no means of washing your hands. Practice social distancing also!

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