Do you know the good thing about staying at home this period? If I ask different people this question, I am assured of getting different answers. As for me, what I will say is that it is having the luxury of time to do everything you have been shoving aside for a very long time.

Time to rest, study, work on those amazing ideas you’ve had in time past, time to develop your business, and many more. Speaking on the latter, I have some tips for you.

Some weeks ago, I announced the partnership between Adnaira and Nairahire to give you a free Ad banner for your Ad campaigns.

The aim was to ensure that nothing stops you from consistent brand awareness because it’s also part of the life span of your brand. You can read the Brand Awareness Campaign Ideas in case you missed it.


Aside Ad banners, there are different strategies that you can use to promote your brand online which is known as digital marketing. Some of the strategies include having a website, social media marketing, and content marketing.


Do not fret because you can engage the services of freelancers on to get a website, landing page for your Ad campaign, content for your website blog, manage your social campaigns, graphics for your brand, and many more. Guess what? They are all at affordable prices. You can check out Nairahire here

Remember to stay safe always. Maintain a very good personal hygiene by practicing hand washing frequently and use hand sanitizers when there is no means of washing your hands. Practice social distancing also!

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