There are different effective strategies you can use to monetize your website and I will discuss just five of them.

Let us discuss the selling of Ad space as the first. Just as the name implies, selling Ad space involves designating a section of your website for advertisers to purchase and place their ad banner on it. You can make it visible by writing “your ad here” or “place your ads here” or “advertise with us”


Another strategy is sponsored content. As a publisher, you can host sponsored content on your website concurrently with your organic content. Sponsored content simply means creating articles on behalf of an advertiser. You will post it just as you post your own content but it comes with the “sponsored” tag. This will create awareness in the mind of readers that it is paid for.

Next is native advertising. Native advertising perfectly suits your site’s content which provides a sleek user experience for your reader. Native advertising could be sponsored blog posts that displays sponsored recommended content on your homepage, in between articles, or at the end of an article. Native advertising is important because publishers can personalize Ad content that suits their users.

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing. If you are always thinking of more consistent ways of earning income, then do not skip this strategy. Join affiliate networks because they connect you to brands that want product promotion in exchange for a commission. This means that you earn through commission whenever the desired action is completed. Adnaira affiliate network is right in your dashboard menu. Try it out today.

Considered video advertising? Take it as a part of native advertising. You can place sponsored or recommended videos on your website. You can sell video Ads using cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per completed view (CPCV).

As long as you have a functioning and engaging website, you can always try different strategies to monetize it. Study these five strategies discussed today, discover the best for your website, and start now.

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