I keep making emphasis on the importance of brand awareness to brands. Why do you think big brands that have been existing for years still carry out brand awareness? They’ve gotten the fame yes but that fame will diminish the moment they stop brand awareness because they will forget their brand. They need to constantly occupy the mind of their target audience so that they choose them over and over again.

The good news is that you can strategically carry out brand awareness campaigns without necessarily paying millions just like big brands. I will discuss some briefly. Study brands that have successfully used a strategy that worked for them.

Try native advertising. This is different from your regular display advert because it blends with the surrounding of the website where they are placed by taking the form of the website.

Also, you can use branded hashtags and unbranded hashtags. Hashtags are very powerful and can give your brand the dominance you’ve always dreamt of. The aim to popularize your hashtag by using it for several activities that encourages people to use it. With branded hashtags, your brand gets popular the more your hashtags get popular as well. The unbranded hashtags are easier to use because they are industry-related and it doesn’t require you to make them popular because they are already.

The last idea I will disclose is guest blogging. It does not necessarily mean you will start blogging. You can run sponsored posts by paying publications to write in other to reach new audiences. It is better to sponsor posts than to write for free. Also, if you are choosing to write, only write for famous sites that will permit you to include a brand mention.

Study these ideas and discover the best for your brand. You can try one for a start and adopt others in the future. Remember the aim of brand awareness is not just to make a profit but to remain relevant in the eyes of your target audience.

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