Most advertisers seem to suspend the creation of their Ad campaigns due to some difficulties in creating Ad banners. These difficulties range from getting a graphic designer to not providing simple and clear content on the Ad banners.

What then is the way forward? 

Adnaira is a go-between for advertisers and their target audience. This is so because Adnaira connects advertisers’ brands/products/services to their target audience. The difficulties in creating Ad banners have been noticed and so, Adnaira is consistently up and doing, guaranteeing that advertisers are satisfied.

Hence, there is a need to simplify advertisers’ journey to Ad creation. This led to the partnership between Adnaira and to give advertisers the best. I am excited to disclose to you that advertisers can now get free ad banners when creating ad campaigns right on Adnaira. Sounds great right? Yes!

A Glance of Nairahire Homepage

How To Get Started

  • Visit your advertiser’s dashboard and click on the ‘advertise’ menu.
  • Select your desired ad format (Leaderboard, rectangular, or interstitial).
  • You will get a pop-up, which looks like the image below.


Click on ‘proceed to next step’ if you want to get a free ad banner.


  • Then fill in your Ad campaign details.
  • The last part is where you will fill in details of your Ad banner before submitting


Provide accurate details before submitting the form.
  • The next page you will see is the payment page. Pay for your Ad campaign.
  • You will receive an approval email of your Ad and your graphics. Other details will be included in the mail.

Don’t slug on this, try it out now!

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