Landing pages are vital in the advertiser’s performance marketing strategy. When you know how to create a landing page that works for you, you will continuously get results such as ROI and better visibility. A great landing page suits your advert campaigns; this means that your ads won’t entirely successful without landing page.

What then is a landing page?

A landing page simply means a web page that is reserved for the sole purpose of generating leads. That is, it is the initial page your potential customers see when they click on your ad banner. It is this page that will determine if these customers will be fully converted because you have to convince them within few seconds by giving them intriguing reasons to stay on the page and give them the curiosity to keep exploring.

When this doesn’t happen, you can end up with more website traffic and fewer lead conversions. You will agree with me that most times we engage in ad campaigns, the result is mostly in favor of website traffic than conversion even when we wanted conversion as the goal of the ad campaign.

Several things can boost your ad performance with a great landing page. I will be discussing some of them briefly.

  • Who is your target audience?

Once you have determined your target audience, endeavor to design a site that suits them. You must be particular about the user interface/experience.

A landing page will totally appeal to your site’s visitors if it answers the most basic of all customer questions such as: “What’s my gain?” Everyone wants to directly or indirectly gain from whatever they are dedicating their time to. So, to sell the benefits of your product or service, you need to know who they are and what they want.

  • Choose the best platform and tools

If you are utilizing the appropriate tools, the creation of a landing page will be much easier than you think. It depends on which platform your website uses such as; WordPress, and how much design, developing and update you are putting in place.

You can create “drag and drop” pages in most platforms, but trying out some landing page creators will make your work even easier especially if you are an HTML and CSS skills expert. You can also try some CRMs like Hubspot which has landing page builders in their packages. Just ensure you make in-depth research to discover the one that best works for you. The platform and tools you finally pick will offer a series of plugins. They are additional functions that assist you in interacting with your landing page visitors. Make sure you don’t use too many, you don’t want to slow your slow site’s performance.

  • Mobile Friendly

Most people browse websites on mobile devices. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly! (The page should open clearly without losing its quality on a mobile device). This is because Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-optimized and this will hinder your site from ranking as high as it could in SERP (search engine results pages). Make sure your landing page is fully mobile-optimized so that it offers a sleek user experience that will lead to signing up or registration.

  • Landing page layout

The key to build or improve a landing page is content and design. Therefore, it is necessary to create a landing page that fascinates and holds visitors’ attention. Remember not to over-design your landing page by using many images. The page design must come out clean.

While at it, take into consideration your content placement. Don’t distract your page visitors with too many menu bars and quick links. The more you distract with these, the less they likely finish the desired action. The aim of all these is to make sure your landing page loads quickly and navigates easily. Thereby, improve user experience; give them the exact thing they need without stress.

Content is mainly supported by lead capture forms. These forms also generate leads, simply ask people to fill out the form with the details you need from them and offer them a deal, as an ebook in return.

Make sure the form’s design is accurate, and place it in a visible part of your site. It may come in the form of a pop notification. You can also combine lead capture forms with calls to action (CTA). For instance, if your visitors pick interest in what has been projected to them, how can they make a purchase, register or enquire? Place your CTA in a smart place where they can see it.

Where is the right place for your landing page? Do you need a website for a landing page?

Most people think they need a website to host their landing pages but it’s not a necessity. You can create landing pages with landing page tools like Instapage. So, you can create a landing page with or without a website.

I hope you find this post educative. Do just read, put it into action now. In case you don’t have an idea to create a landing page, please utilize the service of a web developer you know or you can simply get an online developer on


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