Happy New Year!

This is my first blog post this year.  The year is still fresh! We’re hereby wishing all Adnaira clients a cheerful and fruitful year! Good luck with accomplishing the goals you’ve set yourself.

Our very own new year’s resolution is to launch new updates to make your experience on Adnaira more progressively smooth.

I will briefly disclose some of our new updates to you, just because you are special to me. Expect updates like:

  • Sponsored Blog post Ad on Adnaira: You can advertise your blog on Adnaira to boost traffic. Sounds good yeah?
  • Influencer Marketing: This is an added channel to earn more on Adnaira. Ads would be shared on social media, there will be email ads and email marketing. All on Adnaira.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action): You will earn only when there is a sale for the advertiser.

We encourage you to explore all Adnaira features to be more productive this year. In case you haven’t tried out our referral system, this is the ideal opportunity to begin or perhaps you have started but you don’t understand how it works, click on this link to read more https://blog.adnaira.ng/2019/10/16/adnairas-referral-system/

I care about your experience on Adnaira. Chris Grosser once said “opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” You have created the opportunity to be successful simply because you are a part of Adnaira.

Adnaira has created a platform for you to earn from, we are here to help you monetize your blog or website. Don’t get discouraged about your little beginning, all you need to do is grow your traffic.

You shouldn’t lose hope on your platform while at it. As long as you stay on Adnaira, be sure you will get enough money to renew your domain and hosting plan annually.

Do more to get more! Be expectant for our updates that will be out soon.


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