On the Fourth of December 2019, Upperlink signed a partnership agreement with AdNaira. The agreement was integrated the following day which was dated Fifth of December 2019.

The agreement was signed at Upperlink’s Head Office located at Ikeja, Lagos State. Mr. Adesola Akinsanya representing  Upperlink and Mr. Francis Jayeola the Founder of AdNaira signed the contract.

The fundamental point of this partnership is to empower more acquisition of the .ng domains. Likewise to empower internet advertising in Nigeria.

Once you purchase a .ng domain name, you will get 20% coupon off your advert budget on AdNaira and if you purchase a .com.ng domain name, you will get 5% coupon off your advert budget on AdNaira.

You may be wondering how this can be achieved. Well, I will answer that query for you. You can claim this coupon from your dashboard on adnaira.ng when you log in to the “Coupons” menu by entering the domain name you bought on Upperlink. Yes! It’s that easy

So, all that you are required to do are summarised into three and  listed below for you,  to give you easy assimilation:

1. Purchase a .ng domain from Upperlink.

2. Register on Adnaira.ng to advertise.

3. Claim coupon on your dashboard to advertise.

More advantages will come up from this organization over the long haul.

Hurry and purchase a domain name with the .ng extension on Upperlink and start your advertising experience on AdNaira!

It is fun!  I bet you will love the experience.

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