What is AdNaira?

From the words joined together, Ad (advert) and Naira (Nigerian Currency), AdNaira simply means indigenous online advertisement.

AdNaira is an online advertising media platform that connects Advertisers to their target audience through high traffic websites and apps in Nigeria. Also, AdNaira pays web publishers to publish those adverts on their web platforms.

AdNaira as a platform is an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers pay for adverts and publishers on AdNaira publish those adverts on their web platforms, AdNaira pays these publishers in return.

AdNaira didn’t just start overnight but has been in ideation since 2014. Someone may ask the question, “why AdNaira since we have other online advertising platforms?”

The answer is simple. AdNaira came into existence due to some major challenges associated with online advertising in our local market. These challenges include:

  • Unsolicited Account Deactivation: There have been many complaints about accounts being deactivated by global advert platforms with little or no way to prove claims of violation. Only a few top publisher platforms have real access to credible support
  • High Cost of Advertisement Due to High Exchange Rate: This is another challenge that advertisers face. Every business owner wants to advertise but the high cost of advertising due to a high exchange conversion rate cannot be clearly measured fair.
  • Unreliable customer support: Most of the issue publishers have with foreign ad platforms are being resolved through third party websites and search through google rather than directly from the advertisement platform companies. We intend to correct this.
  • The complexity of payment: Publishers have to have foreign exchange accounts such as World Remit and Transfer Wise to process payment. These accounts usually have complex processes and requirements most regular people don’t have.


As you all know, there must be a solution at any time a problem is identified. There is a need for an indigenous solution(s) that will be favorable to tackle these challenges. All these have made us at AdNaira to innovate tailor branded solutions for the Nigerian market. These solutions include:

  • Liberal policies: AdNaira has liberal policies that accommodate accounts for both publishers and advertisers. AdNaira accommodates publishers with less traffic on their sites.
  • Flexible rate of advertisement: With as low as N1,000 advertisers can get almost a thousand impressions.
  • Ease payout to Publishers: There are a swift payment and withdrawal process that a local debit account holder can interact with.
  • Excellent Customer Support: We have excellent customer support with a 24hrs live chatting system. We go as far as assisting to fix issues beyond our platform to increase productivity on the side of advertisers and publishers. You can locate the live chat on the “contact us” page on the website.

Not only did AdNaira proffer solutions to these problems, but AdNaira also has its own advantages. Advantages that benefit the users. They include:

  • Friendly Interface: AdNaira has a friendly interface that allows easy navigation and access to our services. gone a step further to create easy usage of the platform by creating a flexible user interface.
  • Tailor-made advert solutions to local businesses: AdNaira creates tailor-made advert solutions to local businesses, which is aimed at helping the growth of businesses.
  • Ease of Advertisers Creating Adverts: AdNaira’s platform is intuitive and has a good workflow and guide system that enables users to engage and interact with our product.

Who is AdNaira’s Target Audience?

From our discussion so far, it is obvious that AdNaira is for two categories of people. They are:

  1. The Advertisers: AdNaira makes the advertisement cheaper for business owners to reach out to their prospective customers. Also, for campaign advertisement of a large budget, AdNaira helps advertisers maximize the reach of their advert budget.
  2. The Publishers: Publishers are the website or mobile app owners that get to earn per their clicks and per impression from their traffic, by serving advertisers adverts on their platforms.

AdNaira’s target market is SME/s (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and big scale enterprises that are technologically inclined and wants to reach their target audience by advertising their products and services online. Also, AdNaira targets users with web publishing platforms such as websites and mobile apps.

AdNaira’s Referral Earning System

An interesting part of AdNaira is the referral earning system; it is quite obvious that AdNaira is all out to support the local market. Due to this, AdNaira introduced the referral system. Advertisers and publishers can refer other advertisers and publishers, and get rewarded with 5% of all the amount paid by these advertisers and 5% of all the withdrawal made by the publishers.

The overview of AdNaira can be summarized into three:

  1. Advertisers Create Advert: AdNaira has a friendly user-interface to create tailored made adverts. Adverts are categorized into Per-Impression ads and Per-Conversion Ads. Advertisers can choose from our range of advert banner types for web (leaderboard, rectangular and interstitial) and mobile ad.

AdNaira provides in-depth statistics on Adverts such as device ad is viewed from a browser, by state and more.  Advertisers can advertise with as low as ₦1,000.

  1. Publishers Publish Ads: Publishers publish advertisers adverts on their web or mobile platform and make money from it. AdNaira has a liberal policy that ensures a seamless registration, verification and swift withdrawal for publishers. AdNaira provides in-depth analytics on the publisher’s platform.
  2. AdNaira Referral System: AdNaira offers a referral program that enables users to earn recurrently for life. You are entitled to 5% of all amount paid by your referred Advertiser(s) and 5% of your referred Publisher’s withdrawal.

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