An impression is one of the advert goals on AdNaira. An Impression is a term that refers to the point in which your ad is viewed once by a visitor on a web page.

This process is for advertisers who choose to be charged only when their ad is viewed by users on our publishers’ platform.

When you select impression advert goals, you will be charged based on this AdNaira’s formula for impression.

IA = D – {1 x API}

Where IA is Impression for Advertiser

D is Deposit

API is Amount Per Impression

As for Publishers, you will be paid based on this Impression formula

IP = B + RIP {CAT}

Where IP refers to Impression for Publisher

B refers to Balance

RIP refers to Rate of Impression for Publisher

CAT refers to Category

AdNaira is an open platform for both advertisers and publishers. You know how you are charged and how you are paid.

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