Conversion is one of the advert goals on Adnaira. It is an action that’s counted when someone interacts with your advert (for example, clicks to your ad). Some people know it as PPC (Pay Per Click).

Advertisers who seek to get ROI (Return on Investment) usually opt for this medium.  Advertisers would be charged only when an action is completed.

When you select conversion advert goals, you will be charged based on this Adnaira’s formula for conversion.

CA = D – {C x APC}

Where CA is Conversion for Advertiser

               D is Deposit

               C is Conversion

               APC is Amount Per Click

As for Publishers, you will be paid based on this conversion formula

                              CP = B + RCP {CAT}

Where CP refers to Conversion for Publisher

               B refers to Balance

               RCP refers to Rate of Cost for Publisher

               CAT refers to Category

Adnaira is an open platform for both advertisers and publishers. You know how you are charged and how you are paid.

However, if you feel your CPC rate should be increased send an email to

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