Adnaira pays web publishers for serving Advertisers’ Adverts on their websites or mobile apps. If you have a blog or website, you can monetize it by becoming a publisher on Adnaira. I will highlight the major steps you need to follow to become a publisher.

Step 1:

The first step to take is to signup as a publisher on Adnaira. The primary spot where you will locate the publisher sign-up link is on the top menu, you will see “publishers”. Simply click on it and you will be redirected to the publisher page where you will be privileged to be informed about publishing on Adnaira and Ad tools/channels to earn from.

Click on publishers

You will see “sign yourself up today” just before you start reading down. After getting the information, another register button is sitting tight beneath for you to click with the inscription “start now”.

Click on “sign yourself up today”
Click on start now

Back to the home page, on the top right-hand side of the page, you will discover the second register button which is opposite the advertiser’s “start advertising” button. You will see “start monetizing” which is a link to register as a publisher. Click on it.

Click on the gree text

Finally, after the advertiser section, you will see the publisher section. There is a yellow button with the “register now” inscription. Click to register.

Either of the buttons you click will redirect you to the registration form. Fill it with the correct information, submit and you will get a publisher dashboard immediately.

Step 2:

Congratulations! Welcome to your dashboard. You can observe your dashboard to know how much you have made so far, total clicks on ads, total impressions. You can add multiple websites and app in your account, just make use of the add/manage website or app. You will also see payment withdrawal which you will utilize when you what to withdraw cash. The minimum withdrawal rate is N2,000. In case you have an issue, make use of the support button. You will be attended to.

What your dashboard looks like

Step 3:

You will see the ad code right on your dashboard. They are divided into two categories;

  • The code for Rectangle Ad Format which is suitable for sidebar and in between post content.
  • The code for Leaderboard Ad Format which is suitable at the top of your web page, in between the post and in the footer.
The ad codes

There is a button with the inscription “copy ad code” for either ad code you choose to copy; which makes the copying process easy for you. Once you copy the code, paste it on your website and you are good to go. Your site will start publishing ads.

Since Adnaira is user-friendly, there are guidelines on how to copy and paste the ad codes. It’s either you read the guide or you watch a video illustration. You can see it is easy.

Finally, you can use the refer & earn section to get your referral code. It’s either you copy the code manually or you use the social media icons provided there. It will automatically copy the code to your social media page. As long as your referrals are active on Adnaira, your bonus is for life!  Read more below.

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