Adnaira connects Advertisers’ Advert to their target audience through high traffic websites and mobile apps (web publishers). This means as an advertiser, you need this platform to advertise.

Adnaira’s user interface is basic and simple to use. However, I will give you a speedy guide on the best way to use Adnaira as an advertiser.

If you are browsing using a Windows computer or Macintosh, take note of these steps

Step 1:

As you are aware that to have a dashboard on any platform, you should sign up/register. Once you are on the home page, there are three better places where you can sign up on Adnaira. Truly, it’s that simple.

The primary spot where you will locate the sign-up link is on the top menu, you will see “advertisers”. Simply click on it and you will be redirected to the advertiser page where you will have the privilege to be informed about Adnaira advert and Ad tools. After getting the information, a register button is sitting tight beneath for you to click.

                                                                                                 Click on “Advertisers”

Back to the home page, another button is waiting for those not willing to open the advertiser page. At the right-hand side of your screen; just opposite the video, you will see the “start advertising” button. Click on it and register.

Adnaira login
                                           Click on “Start Advertising”

Finally, scroll down a bit, the next section you will see is still for advertisers. There is a yellow button with the “register now” inscription. Click to register.

Adnaira Login
                                                      Click on “Register Now”

Either of the buttons you click will redirect you to the registration form. Fill it with the correct information, submit and you will get an advertiser dashboard immediately.

                                                                        Fill the Form

Step 2:

Congratulations! Welcome to your dashboard. You can manage your advert campaigns on your dashboard. You will see seven buttons on your menu. They are:

  • Dashboard: You will see statistics of your advert here. You will see your funds which will have the total amount you spent and the balance from the advert; clicks and impressions which will show the total number of clicks/impressions on your advert, advert campaign which will give you an overview of your advert.

                                                                         What your dashboard looks like
  • Advertise: Here you will pick your preferred campaign category. There are three available options. Awareness, conversion, and sales.

Once you pick awareness, it means you want people to be informed of your brand. You will pick between leaderboard, rectangle ad, or mobile ad to run a campaign.



Also, there is a conversion option for you if what you desire is more than awareness. With this conversion, you can choose between multi-tracking and single-tracking. The third option which is sales is yet to be functioning, but it will be very soon.

  • Campaigns: You will get statistics of your advert here, such as the number of traffic on devices your ad was shown, statistics of the browsers they used, and the states they viewed from.
  • Billing and Payment: You will see a summary of your billing and payment here.
                                                                     What it looks like
                                                          What the coupon page looks like
  • Support: Anytime you are facing any difficulty, you can make your complaint here and you will be attended to.
                                                                           What it looks like


                                       What the referral system looks like.

Step 3:

To advertise, you will need an ad banner to fit your desired ad format. The sizes of the banner should be in this manner:

Leaderboard Ad: (Pixels Px) 728×90, 728×60, 728x 200, 728×250

Rectangle Ad: (Pixels Px) 336×280, 300×250, 250×250, 300×600

Mobile Ad (Interstitial Ad): (Pixels Px) 300×400, 300×500, 300×600 (Not applicable to conversion).

Once your ad banner is ready, you are good to go. Click create on either of this ad format and then fill in:

  • Campaign title
  • Ad goal: Either conversion or impression
  • The amount you wish to spend on the advert
  • Category of the advert: Either business, art, electronics or education.
  • Target state(s)
  • Your website URL. If you don’t have a website, you can use that of your Instagram page or Facebook page, WhatsApp number.

Finally, you will upload your ad banner and submit. Immediately, a payment form will pop up. Choose to make a bank transfer or pay with your debit card. Once you make your payment, your ad is ready to be published.

Just watch your dashboard to monitor your campaign statistics.

Adnaira is user-friendly if you are browsing using a mobile device. You won’t scroll for long before seeing all the register button. Register and follow all the procedures enumerated above.

Enjoy your experience on Adnaira

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